it manifests the wielder’s inner self


"P-please don’t push yourself..!" holding Alcor steady as he stumbled back to the ground, this only steeled the conclusion of that which had transpired…

This was Aichi’s doing, or rather, that power’s. He had thought it strange, to feel so energized even after lending his partial soul… How demonic. But… he did know how to lend it back. After all, he had been prepared with all of the knowledge he needed to know of that which resided within him.

image ”…Alcor-san, close… close your eyes for a moment… all right?”

The request itself was sheepish, almost disquieted, but surely, the elder would not give him any qualms. They had a bond of trust that couldn’t be questioned so easily. Even if Aichi was being vague.

But this will be my first…

Shaking away that anxious uncertainty, this wasn’t about juvenile concerns… He had taken Alcor’s life force as his own. Something that of which he had no use for, given his near pristine condition. Right, then…

Leaning up the moment the elder respected his request, Aichi lightly brushed his lips against those slightly parted before him, a brief exchange of warmth and fleeting strength passing between them. It lingered for not more than a few seconds, fully pulling away only once he was sure he returned all that of which he had taken. The gesture itself, however, allowed the strangest of fluctuations in his chest.

He had just kissed Alcor…. he must have been embarrassed… But it was the only way he knew.

"Th… there… you should be… back to normal.."

Tiny hands steadied him in place, though the almost sheepish request was odd. At a time like this…?

"…? Very well…"

He did as he was told, closing his eyes and not knowing what to expect. But in the next few seconds that passed, he felt a pair of soft lips against his own, and a sudden rush of warmth. Strength… Strength was returning to him. And more importantly…

Aichi was kissing him. 

But no matter how much he wanted to open his eyes, he still had to respect Aichi’s wishes. Only when Aichi pulled away did he open them again.


Yet the poor boy looked so embarrassed… As much as Alcor wanted to question him about it, it would probably be better to leave it be for now.

"…Thank you. I feel strangely rejuvenated." Smiling warmly down at him, he stood without effort this time and offered a hand. "Shall we go then, Aichi?"

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it manifests the wielder’s inner self


—He.. he did it…!

The moment he felt that spiritual pull, however—as if his very soul were being wrenched from this vessel of a body—he felt himself immediately slip, being doused into a hardly conscious state. The rest would truly be up to Alcor to feat, without Aichi’s guidance, left alone with that incredible power…

Just…. don’t… lose yourself…

What seemed like a split moment, floating in deep darkness in one instance and returning to the current place and time in another, Aichi regained wakefulness with a soft gasp, his frame within the encirclement of that protective arm per usual.  Did they… win? Were they safe?

Oh, and Alcor, Alcor was—-?!

image ”A-Alcor-san… Alcor-san! Are you all right?”

Large eyes peering up at the swordsman, he was as white as a sheet, gasping for air as if he had been holding his breath throughout the entirety of their battle..

So… honing Aichi’s power did come with its own consequences, that of which had promptly sapped its user of every fiber of their strength. That was, at least, what he could assume from the looks of it…

"Ah… Aichi…"

He had almost been worried, truthfully. The boy had barely been conscious for the duration, his body so limp against him… But perhaps that was just a consequence of using that power.

"I’m glad…you are alright…" 

He smiled, though he could barely talk between gasps of breath.

"I am fine… I suppose I…exerted myself this time…"

But the amount of fatigue he felt was certainly strange… He had fought in longer battles before, yet he would always still be standing. But no matter…

"Let us go, then…" He tried to stand, but his knees buckled under his weight and he fell again. "Ugh… Ahh… I apologize… I cannot move… I may…have to rest for a while…"

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it manifests the wielder’s inner self


With a nod, Aichi didn’t waste any time and seized up Alcor’s hands within his own, pressing them against his own fluctuating chest. He could only remember the faint details having been relayed to him as a child, but as the vessel for such incredible power, he could not utilise it himself—at least not for combative purposes. 

image ”Please… form the image in your heart,” Aichi leaned in a little closer, a soft light beginning to envelop them “A tool that will manifest according to your will and desire… your innermost self.”

It was up to Alcor to decide what would become of the raw potential now at his fingertips, time deftly running out.

"When you have it, take it from me and I will lend thee my strength.."

"An image…"

He closed his eyes as his palm pressed against the warm chest. Great power was at his fingertips—he could already tell. Aichi was giving him this chance, and the rest was up to him.

A tool that would manifest according to his will and desire… And what Alcor desired most…was to protect Aichi, his new master, his new life.

A blade that can cut through anything… A blade that would give me the power to protect that which I hold dear!

And in that moment, the power took physical form, his hand automatically closing around a hilt that had materialized out of nowhere, and pulling the sword from Aichi’s chest. He held it skyward, the pure white blade catching in the sun’s rays and giving off a blinding light. It was large, the largest sword he had ever seen, yet so lightweight. As if it were a weapon crafted specifically for him…

"This is…"

But there was no time to gawk at it. The soldiers charged at them, having recovered from the blinding flash of light. Alcor moved automatically, almost mechanically, holding Aichi close to him with one arm as he slashed powerfully with the other.

The closest of the ranks were decimated immediately, the ones behind them getting blown back by the ensuing shockwave. But Alcor didn’t relent. Power coursed through his entire body as he leapt into the heat of the fray, slashing indiscriminately. Weapons that clashed against his blade shattered on impact, their wielders thrown off their feet and onto the ground. Within minutes, the few that had gotten out of the assault unscathed were running, the army completely in shambles.

It was over… They had gotten out of it alive. As if sensing its purpose was over, the blade dissipated into light and returned to Aichi, and Alcor felt a sudden, overwhelming exhaustion.


He fell to his knees, completely spent, his breathing laboured. “It seems…we’ve won…”

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it manifests the wielder’s inner self



Even if he was such a notoriously powerful swordhand, against a small army like this, he didn’t stand a chance. Blows upon blows of heavy weaponry and arrows littered their path… And eventually his only blade was torn from him, forcing him to retreat to Aichi’s side.

Run away…? Was he serious?!

"You… you know I can’t do that," for more than one reason, too. "Besides, I wouldn’t get far, considering this elaborate horde of numbers.."

They were being closed in on now, the mercenaries trying to haggle their way with getting Aichi as their prize without further struggle. No… no, there was still one more thing they could do.. One last trick in their arsenal… And Aichi was sure, without a doubt, that a good person like Alcor would be more than worthy to hone his hidden potential. With his trust, he was sure to use it for the sake of their protection—he would not forsake him… he was sure of it!

image ”Please….,” grasping onto his sleeve, hardened aqua hues met those worried lilac, tone even and sans falter. “Alcor-san… use my power! Manifest the blade that locked within me with your magic! It’s the only way!”

"Your power…?"

He was doubtful. The power that was supposedly coveted by the entire kingdom? And Aichi wanted him to wield it? Someone like him?

But one look at the hardened blue eyes, blazing with determination, as well as the approaching horde of opponents… What choice did they have, really? There was truth in Aichi’s words. With so many facing them, it would be hard even for a seasoned warrior to escape, let alone someone who had no experience fighting…

"…Very well. I will use it with your blessings."

But there was still one problem.

"But…how would I do so…?"

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it manifests the wielder’s inner self

Alcor should have known that this temporary peace wouldn’t last. He should have known that such a chance encounter would not come without consequences—that the Sendou Aichi that he had written off to be an innocent prince carried much more weight on his tiny shoulders than he let on. 

But it seemed Alcor himself had taken on a much larger burden than he originally thought, and he realized this as he faced rows upon rows of soldiers, sellswords, and what have you, each and every one of them targeting the prince that he stood in front of.


He was thrown off balance by a powerful swing from a burly man, his own sword flying out of his hands and burying itself far out of reach. Alcor jumped back immediately, placing space between himself and his adversaries. Even the most skilled of swordsmen had their limits, and Alcor had just about breached his. 

Trying to ignore his own laboured breathing, he took a stance again. He still had martial arts and magic, but there were so many enemies… He would never be able to fight them off. He glanced back at his charge.

"Aichi… They are after you, yes? I will distract them. You run."

The Enforcer and Inspector (prt II)


A couple weeks passed after the initial incident, Aichi and Alcor quickly forming a tight partnership based loosely on their trust in one another’s competencies and skills (such irony given the circumstances). Where Aichi could think outside of the peripheral box with his unshaken mind, Alcor was the executioner—the ruthless and cunning carnivore that didn’t mind dirtying his hands for the sake of justice. Instances of that predatory insatiability even revealed themselves outwardly every now and then, especially in the midst of a violent skirmish. He always got the job done, however, Aichi never having had to pick up his own Dominator…

Today, however, had been quiet; There was nothing but desk work to be done and the trivial errands that no one else in his immediate squad seemed interested in doing (even though he was of a higher authority, they looked down on him because he was so small in stature and age)… But once the evening came around, Aichi was allowed leeway and lingered about headquarters for just a single occasion—

He wanted to get to spend quality time with Alcor, just as coworkers for once, and not as partners under strict code. So he wandered about, finally having to ask about the elder’s whereabouts and finally stumbling upon his hidden den on one of the lower floors. 


Poking his head through the door, Aichi’s presence had still gone unnoticed, Alcor’s heavy grunts and the low echoing of thick hide material bashing into pure metal shaking his ear drums. It was strange to see Alcor stripped down as such after seeing him in nothing but formal attire. That pale skin and hair glistening with sweat, his graceful body sculpted with finely defined muscles, especially among his lower abdomen and thighs—

image ”Ah….”

However, it was an incredible sight to see; such sheer strength and brutality… it was both terrifying and beautiful at the same time. It was honestly hard to believe that Alcor was even human sometimes, and this only broadened his suspicions. He had completely destroyed that drone; and it had even been set on the highest training difficulty?!

image ”I, uh.. um..” words failed to escape him as he suddenly felt self conscious in front of the Enforcer, twiddling his thumbs sheepishly. Wait, what had he initially come here for…? Oh… oh right!

"I know you’re off the clock right now but… I was wondering.. if you’d like to have dinner… upstairs… ? Y-yeah…..”

Though he wore practically nothing in the other’s presence, he didn’t feel embarrassed in the slightest. Getting off the drone and leaving it sparking and fizzing in the ground, he walked over to the edge of the makeshift arena and slung a towel over his shoulder, wiping stray beads of sweat from his face.


He couldn’t help but chuckle at the invitation.

"…You certainly are one-of-a-kind. This is the first I’ve heard of an Inspector inviting an Enforcer to dinner."

He smiled down at Aichi. “Dinner sounds lovely, though I hope you do not mind if I clean up first. I cannot imagine that dining with someone so drenched in perspiration would be very pleasant.”

Having taken a quick shower to rinse himself off, Alcor got dressed quickly, walking into the living room where Aichi waited.

"I am ready now. I apologize to have kept you waiting. Would you like to head up right now?"

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The Enforcer and Inspector (prt II)

Thud. Thwack. The sound of fists against metal echoed throughout the room. Alcor faced the man—or rather, the notion of a man—and though his opponent’s moves were precise, Alcor was even more so. Easily avoiding the drone’s next strike, he threw it to the ground and pinned it down, pummeling it with a gloved fist until the hologram fizzled out and the synthetic eyeballs popped out of its sockets.

What a shame… It had been on the highest level as well, and yet it couldn’t even withstand the hits. Or perhaps years of desperation and loss fueled Alcor’s strikes? He didn’t know. He didn’t care.

There was also the matter of the presence who had entered the room… He wasn’t anywhere near presentable, lacking a shirt and practically dripping with sweat. Who would visit him at a time like this…? He looked up.


"Inspector Sendou. What brings you here?"

The Enforcer and Inspector (prt I)


image ”A..Alcor….san..”

So that was it? He was completely misunderstood? Where there had only been such a crude line drawn between them, perhaps acting so instinctively had been for the best; Whereas Aichi had been consumed in doubt, the other had confirmed to his actions as a saving grace.

He was so overwhelmed by emotion in that split moment, that the tears once held back spilled over, rolling down his flushed cheeks and platting down to the linoleum floor. Was this… relief? Happiness in relief..?

"Th… Thank you very much!!" he bowed deeply this time, trying to wipe at his wet eyes all the while.

It was an honor really. That they could pick up on such a positive note and work side-by-side despite their push and pull start… Aichi had never anticipated to stand over anyone to begin with, but this little ounce of trust in expectations was just the little reassurance he needed. He just hoped he could uphold them.

”..S-so…” sniffling loudly, still dabbing at his face with his double cuffed sleeves, Aichi tried to bring a smile into the conversation, along with that usual wishful thinking he was notorious for. “—if you had more time to think it through clearly… you wouldn’t have tried to shoot that woman, right..?”

After all, it was the job of a detective to protect the people.

Ah, he was crying now… Though it wasn’t so bad of a thing. At the very least, Alcor didn’t think it had been because his words had upset Aichi. Such an innocent, pure child, to be so swayed by those words…

Though the smile faded with Aichi’s next question.

"…Would I have? I am unsure."

"I did not hesitate because I thought that if I did, I would be killed. Thoughts of dying in such a place consumed me…"

Images flew back to him then. A search that spanned days, an increasingly sinking feeling, the sight of that body, twisted and warped grotesquely beyond recognition, hardly a quick and painless death…

"I could not die. That was the only thought on my mind. I…" Fists clenched, the nails digging into his palm. Any harder and he would have drawn blood. "I have unfinished business… And I absolutely cannot die until that has been resolved. I…!" He wanted to push himself off the bed, but his body wouldn’t obey him. "I…"

Even if he had to raze the planet to the ground…

The Enforcer and Inspector (prt I)


Although Alcor’s expression was not hostile, Aichi had no experience in reading his expressions yet. For all he knew, there could have been a deep, seeded loathing; Surely someone so head-strong had a sense of pride? And here was pathetic Sendou Aichi having stepped all over him with such a stunt..

image ”…I guess you’re angry right?”

Small hands gripped his sides as he couldn’t save face anymore. If they were going to be partners—if Alcor were to be his direct subordinate—then there had to be a basis of mutual understanding between them.

There needed to be a little honesty beyond formalities. 

"Alcor-san… was my decision right?" his voice was cracking weakly, sucking back hot tears that pooled in his trembling eyes. He was such a child… Had he truly believed there may have been something only he could do in such an environment? Even in his powerless state, could he make a difference and see through the prejudiced old of that which came before him? Alcor wasn’t just a dog; Aichi was trying, with all his might, to see that…

“Did I just stand in everyone’s way and put them in danger?

"Angry…?" He almost laughed at the notion. What was such a pure-hearted boy doing, working in such a dark world…?

He shook his head.

"It was your choice, was it not? I’ve no right to speak against that. Rather…"

He turned his gaze to the ceiling. The artificial lighting was so bright that it was jarring, and yet…

"I am glad to see…that you were able to act on your own accord, rather than following Sibyl’s orders blindly, as I have done for all of the years I have spent as an Enforcer. It is not so easy to overwrite that which has been ingrained into you… When a hunting dog is let loose, it struggles not to bare its fangs. Such is the life I have known for so long that I have forgotten what it was like to be human."

"But you… You are different. You, who would put justice above bringing senseless harm to others… "

He looked back at Aichi. “You decided what was right on your own. You put justice before your duty.”

"I feel that, should I continue working under you, it will not be as a dog, but as a fellow human being. That I may continue to fulfill the proper duty of a detective… With your guidance, I think it is possible."

The Enforcer and Inspector (prt I)


For the next few nights, Aichi had failed to get any restful sleep; It was a true wonder how his hue could remain so untainted, to be honest (even his friends poked at him about it). Albeit, there was a substantial cooling period after Aichi’s first day on the job, so there was no accumulation of stress. Though the events of that night lingered with him in the back of his mind, a more pressing emotion began to overwhelm him a bit.


Bedridden and paralyzed for the most part because he had acted so preemptively. Though what else could he have done in his position? When words were too weak to reach the ears of someone with such an unshaken resolve… Was what Aichi did really that wrong then?

Perhaps that’s why he was here today, at the foot of the Enforcer’s bed, head bowed just slightly in apology.
image ”A.. Alcor-san.. sorry… about… I..”

A lump caught in his throat, truly guilty about his actions now that he saw the weight of them.

I… I really don’t want to have to do that again…

"I mean…. How are you feeling..?"


For a few stunned moments, Alcor was unable to formulate a response to the boy’s stuttering. Aichi was apologizing? Apologizing, to a mere hunting dog? Someone who was less than human? Furthermore, it seemed that Aichi was quite distressed about this…

Many other greenhorns didn’t possess the same overwhelming sympathy that Aichi had…nor the naivete. But he didn’t want to shoot Aichi down when the boy was being so sincere. He offered a smile.

"I will be fine soon. You needn’t worry. But more importantly… This is the first time I’ve seen an Inspector apologizing to an Enforcer."

"Do not let such a thing weigh on your mind. I am the dog, and you are my owner; the Dominator is the leash, and it is in your hands for good reason. If you feel that I have stepped out of line, then discipline me accordingly."

"That is simply how things operate here."